Our baby registry round-up.

With all the stuff we’ve been bombarded with as expecting parents, it sometimes feels like we have to spend a fortune on stuff that is being marketed to us as baby necessities. We’re doing our best to wade through the BS and locate the key pieces that would last us through two kids. Unfortunately, no one retailer has all the products that we have settled on, so here’s a blog post to link together the items that we’ve got our eyes on.

Thanks to a tip from Luciana, we discovered myregistry.com and placed all the items described below into it. You can now see whether people have told us that they purchased something from the registry. This is a LOT easier to update!

Click here to visit our page on myregistry.com >

We’ll still use this post to add notes for stuff we might add in future and to tell you when we hear about sale pricing.

What we already have

Pink clothing. To date, we’ve been gifted with more than 50 pieces of clothing in pink. Please try to pick another colour for our baby’s wardrobe! We like gender-neutral colours best, like green or yellow or white, and newborn-6m clothing that Child #2 can use again.

If you’d like to get us girly-girl stuff, how about choosing purple or red as a girls’ colour or getting girl styles (ie, dresses, frills, flowers / feminine patterns) in colours other than pink?

Bassinet / mobile crib. My dad and Lorraine bought us the Arm’s Reach Mini-Convertible Co-sleeper.

Stroller. Kurt’s parents bought us the BOB Revolution stroller in Blue Chocolate.

Infant car seat. My mother bought us the Peg Perego SIP infant carrier.

BOB stroller car adapter. We have the BOB stroller and the Peg Perego car seat already, but to use them together, we needed this car seat adapter that is placed on the stroller for when the baby is too small for the stroller. It converts to a cup holder and food tray for when the baby is big enough to sit up in the stroller.

Baby carrier. Kurt’s office got us a Baby Bjorn Classic. Could use accessories for it like a weather shield or some sort of pouch to hold a facecloth / soother / wipes.

Camcorder. My mom bought us a Sony Handycam DCR-SX41 for Christmas.

Bouncer and swing. Dave and Michelle loaned us their bouncing chair and musical swing now that Alden has outgrown them.

Bath supplies. We got a tub as a giveaway at one of the baby events we got invited to.


These are the things that would definitely be lifesavers now that we don’t have time to do anything but cater to Kaitlin.

Meal service or made-ahead meals

Kaitlin feeds so often that I don’t have time to fix myself anything to eat, let alone cook or go grocery shopping. Our family has been helping us by bringing food whenever they visit, but it would also be lovely to have a stash of single-serving, simply-microwave meals to have in the fridge or freezer without resorting to processed foods or junk. Best foods are things I can prep and/or eat with one hand – finger foods, forkable bits, or pasta.

A lot of the meal services have closed their doors in 2009 but Indishpensable on Arbutus is still alive and well.

Cloth Diapers: New and Green Baby

After consulting with New and Green Baby, we’ve specified the type, size, colour, and quantity of the items we’d like knowing that we’ll re-use them for Child #2 (and who knows whether that one will be a boy or a girl). We’ve already purchased the sizes we’ll need for the first 6 months but we still don’t have the hose that attaches to the toilet so that we can (ugh) rinse poop off of the diapers before throwing them in the wash.

Sleep Bags

The most indispensable items in Kate’s wardrobe are her microfleece SleepSack and her cotton SwaddleMe. We only have one of each. Because she is such as spit-up machine, we wind up having to clean them on a daily basis. It would be lovely to have a few more of each kind so that we can be less crazy with the laundry loads.

Baby Incidentals

All the little things add up, and we are shocked how much of our budget is drained by these seemingly innocuous household needs:

  • Baby wet wipes (we like Seventh Generation or other hypoallergenic, non-alcohol options)
  • Formula (currently using powdered Good Start with Omega 3s)
  • Playtex bottles (the hockey stick shaped kind designed to minimize burps, gas, and spit-ups)

Crib: Gluckstein Crib in White

We’ll be using the co-sleeper for the first 6 months but eventually the baby will get too big for it. We already have partial Bay credit that we can use towards this Gluckstein crib. The white colour will better match the nursery’s colours but espresso is okay too.

Nice to Haves

These are things that we’d appreciate getting, but if we never get them, it’s probably not that big a deal.

Baby Bjorn Accessories

Kate loves hanging out in her carrier but she is still susceptible to rain. Would appreciate a weather / warmth shield, as well as something that attaches as a spit-up cloth or bib, and perhaps a pouch or attachment that can be used to store a soother and facecloth.