T-minus 1 month.

Hard to believe that Kurt and I will be parents in the next month! We’ve done a pretty decent job of preparing for the upheaval…reading the baby books, taking prenatal courses, eating well and keeping active. My side of the family has thrown a couple of baby showers and all sets of parents have helped us secure the big ticket items, so we are comfortably set up with a car seat, bassinet, stroller, and newborn diapers to last us the first few weeks.

The next few weeks will be busy with wrapping up work before I go on maternity (well, as much as a small business owner with a client base can go on maternity) till the end of May. We also started the process of painting the nursery. Although we originally wanted to paint the room yellow, we’re now thinking green would better complement the size of the room, the decor within it, and the Classic Pooh wallpaper stripe that I fell in love with at Home Depot. Hopefully by this weekend we’ll have narrowed it down to 2-3 shades so that we can paint samples onto the wall and have ‘er done by New Year’s.

Our hospital duffel bag is partially packed thanks to my paranoia that the little one wants to get out early. Based on the checklists that parenting resources have suggested, I’ve attempted a custom list that Kurt can go over while I’m in the throes of early labour:

  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • Birth plan (several copies for doctor, Kurt, nurses)
  • iPhone and charger
  • Stopwatch for contractions (yes, there’s an App for that!)
  • Baby oil
  • Extra pillows
  • Hair ties
  • Sugarless candies or lollipops
  • Back massager
  • Snacks and drinks for Kurt
  • Swim trunks for Kurt (if I decide to use water therapies)
  • Diversions for a long labor: music, puzzles, magazines, books, a deck of cards, laptop, handheld electronic games
  • Who to Call list
  • Camera and charger
  • Video camera and charger
  • Thank-you goodies for hospital staff
  • Baby books and labour / delivery notes
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
  • Hairbrush and comb
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, makeup)
  • Maxi-pads
  • Snacks for after delivery
  • Bottle of bubble to celebrate with
  • 1-2 days’ worth of postpartum clothing
  • Underwear and nursing bra
  • Nightgown
  • Bathrobe
  • Wool socks and slippers
  • Going-home outfits for baby
  • Cap, mitts and socks for baby
  • Receiving blanket(s) for baby
  • Newborn diapers and change pad
  • Baby sling

It’s a ton of stuff, but from what we’ve heard, lots of stays are 1-2 days long.

Wish us luck!

Our baby as produce.

19 weeks into this pregnancy and my torso has become a foreign landscape. Despite looking as if I have swallowed a melon, I still find the mommy industry’s practice of comparing one’s developing child to a piece of produce to be disconcerting. Each fruit or vegetable that our baby can be likened to in any given week gives me cause to boycott said foodstuff until our baby can no longer be compared to it. Here’s an example of the analogies that crop up in every newsletter, website, and iPod application that targets moms-to-be.

Pregnancy Tracker’s weekly size chart:

  1. No size comparison in Week 1: ovulation
  2. No size comparison in Week 2: implantation
  3. Poppyseed: 0.02″
  4. Poppyseed: 0.10″
  5. Sesame seed: 0.18″
  6. Grain of rice: 0.25″, 0.05 oz
  7. Blueberry: 0.53″, 0.07 oz
  8. Raspberry: 0.68″, 0.11 oz
  9. Grape: 0.93″, 0.35 oz
  10. Prune: 1.2″, 0.71 oz
  11. Fig: 1.7″, 1.06 oz
  12. Plum: 2.3″, 1.6 oz
  13. Peach: 3″, 2.3 oz
  14. Lemon: 3.5″, 3.9 oz
  15. Apple: 4.1″, 4.8 oz
  16. Avocado: 4.7″, 5.6 oz
  17. Turnip: 5.2″, 7.1 oz
  18. Sweet potato: 5.8″, 8.8 oz
  19. Mango: 6.2″, 9.5 oz
  20. Grapefruit: 6.8″, 13.4 oz
  21. Cantaloupe: 8.9″, 15.9 oz
  22. Spaghetti  squash: 10.2″, 1.1 lbs
  23. Papaya: 11″, 1.2 lbs
  24. Ear of corn: 11.8″, 1.4 lbs
  25. Rutabaga: 12.6″, 1.7 lbs
  26. Eggplant: 13″, 1.9 lbs
  27. Head of cauliflower: 13.4″, 2.2 lbs
  28. Chinese cabbage: 13.8″, 2.5 lbs
  29. Butternut squash: 14.2″, 2.9 lbs
  30. Head of lettuce: 14.6″, 3.3 lbs
  31. Head of lettuce: 15.4″, 3.7 lbs
  32. Head of lettuce: 15.9″, 4.2 lbs
  33. Pineapple: 16.5″, 4.6 lbs
  34. Pineapple: 16.9″, 5.1 lbs
  35. Honeydew: 17.7″, 5.5 lbs
  36. Honeydew: 18.3″, 6 lbs
  37. Watermelon: 18.9″, 6.4 lbs
  38. Watermelon: 19.7″, 6.6 lbs
  39. Watermelon: 19.7″, 6.7 lbs
  40. Pumpkin: 19.7″, 6.8 lbs