a month of kaitlin marie.

Our daughter, Kaitlin Marie Hamilton, was born at 5:32pm one month ago.

0b/365: Hello, world

It’s amazing to watch her grow over the past 31 days. She’s gone from being awake just long enough to eat, burp, and poop to spending her mornings and late afternoons tracking our faces and realizing she has hands. Kate’s vocabulary is no longer limited to crying; she talks and sighs while she eats, as if she’s giving a running commentary of her meal or trying to share tasting notes. In the past few days, we’ve noticed tears running down her cheeks when she cries, and have even caught her fake crying when she just wants to get our attention.

7b/365: 1 week birthday

Not a trace of her Filipino heritage

31/365: One month

And we’re growing just as rapidly as new parents. She’s made us learn the true meanings of sleeplessness and multitasking. Tasks that were once theoretically repugnant, such as changing a baby that has soaked her clothes through with an exploding poopy diaper, have become a reality to deal with and get desensitized to. We’ve started to differentiate between her various sounds and expressions. The endless cycle of feed-burp-change-nap is getting handled more efficiently (despite looking out our window at the Olympic celebrations and wishing we could have timed her birth a little differently). I’m sure there is more to learn and that she will continue to wrap us around her little finger as her first year progresses.

Proper family close-up

Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far with gifts, food, advice, and assistance. We welcome your help and experience…and most definitely your babysitting skills!

Another update next month. For now, look at the 365-day photo project we have on Flickr (month 1 below). Each photo describes any milestones in its caption.

0a/365: D-day...labour pains in full force 0b/365: Hello, world 1/365: Blue 2/365: Donor milk 3/365: Time to go home 4/365: Cluster feeding 5/365: Please sleep... 6/365: Bath time 7a/365: Tinier bits 7b/365: 1 week birthday 8/365: Bruce visits 9/365: Nap time 10/365: Working lunch 11/365: Bouncer 12/365: Grandma Lynn heads home 13/365: New toy 14/365: 2 weeks 15/365: No more ties to the womb 16a/365: Great-grandmother Lucy 16b/365: Strawberry 17/365: Family self portrait 18/365: Winter baby 19/365: Personalized blankie 20a/365: Whimper 20b/365: Fussy 21/365: Three weeks 22/365: Stroller coma 23/365: Dead asleep 24/365: First bath at home 25/365: Napping with Daddy 26/365: Wide awake 27/365: Spit monster 28/365: Made in Canada 29/365: Latch 30/365: Canadian beauty 31/365: One month