Salsa, poker, and tequila don’t mix with Kraft Dinner.

Never got a chance to talk about the weekend.

Saturday was a busy day, full of web development and photography. First was Giovanni Torres’ workshops at Marquis Dance Academy. He’s a Toronto salsa instructor who taught shines and Salsa on 2. If you know what that means. Anyhow, not being registered for the workshop, I still came to snap photos for the still-pending photo gallery on the salsa website. Used up almost all the room on my 64MB card but I think I got some interesting pictures. Had enough time to go home, download the images, clear my memory card, and head to the Empire to watch Giovanni’s demo show at 11pm. Had a good time dancing, then came home 1am-ish, expecting to cuddle up to sleep next to Kurt.

Kurt, who had a poker night with some friends that night, was still up and with his friend Eric. Noticed the 14 empty beer bottles. Noticed the 2 used shot glasses with squeezed-up lime slices in ’em. Noticed the blaring music and the gambling atmosphere still in the dining room. So I joined in!

Lucky for me that I have a high metabolic rate. The three tequilas they fed me on an empty stomach were not enough to keep me impaired for the whole night. Which is good, because I with my terrible poker skills decided to join the game. By the time the alcohol cleared my system, it was 4am and I had cleaned them up with over $25 in my stash. I had also cooked up some Kraft Dinner and shared it with the boys. According to them, Asian women (and women who can cook in general) do not know how to whip up the perfect, creamy, cheesy KD.

Eric left our place at 5:30am, after convincing him that taking a cab home is far safer than driving his (purple!) truck after 10 beers and 4 tequila shots. All in all, a pleasant evening…

Gotta go to bed; so long for now.

Books: Child of the Prophecy (Juliet Marillier)
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More on leap years.

Thanks to Hymie for finding this article about leap years:
[Taken from]

When is a year a leap year?

The Julian calendar was adopted in 46 BC. It was based on a 365 day year; however, the Earth orbits the Sun in 365.2422 days. This caused the calendar to be off by 0.2422 of a day each year. From the time the Julian calendar was adopted to the start of the 16th century, the quarter of a day added up to:

(1600 + 46) * 0.2422  =  398.66 days

It sure seems that somebody would have noticed a problem with the calendar before it was more than a year off!

In the 16th century, with the calendar off more than a year, Pope Gregory XIII addressed this problem with a new calendar – the Gregorian calendar. This calendar corrects the 0.2422 day error each year by adding a day to the calendar each four years. In the Gregorian calendar every fourth year the month of February gets an extra day – February 29th.

But because the Earth’s rotation around the Sun is 365.2422 days and not 365.2500 days, there was a need to add an extra fudge factor. That extra fudge factor was to skip leap years in years ending in 00 except when they can be evenly divided by 400. So while 1900 was not a leap year, by this rule, the year 2000 is a leap year. It was the first leap year for a year ending in 00 since 1600.

The fact that 1900 was not a leap year lead many programmers to assume that the year 2000 was not a leap year. So in addition to the big Y2K problem (caused by using two numbers to indicate the year instead of four numbers), we have a little Y2K problem that some computer programs might assume that February 29, 2000 does not exist.

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It’s not often we get a leap year.

Tonight, someone told me that we haven’t had a leap year in … no, not four years. Eight years! Is that true? The explanation I received was that our Earth year isn’t exactly divisible by four, so every century or so, we leap the leap year. If anyone can point me to any sites that talk about this, I would appreciate it.

Today also marks my first ever muffin success! Blueberry with streusel topping. I will upload proof of my mastery of the art that is muffin-making tomorrow(ish).

Good night, happy leap year day!

Book: Kaspar’s Box (Jack Chalker)
Song: Oscar “Time’s Up” song, lyrics by Jack Black and Will Farrell
Boys:Kurtis, Johnny Depp

Another failed muffin attempt.

Quick post before watching Runaway Jury in the living room: I urge you all to bake muffins only when you’re not feeling dyslexic. I just baked a weird batch of blueberry bran muffins that are prairie-flat. I put them in the oven for 18-20 mins at 200 deg F. WRONG. On the instructions, the 200 and the F were next to each other … except for the deg C ( or 400 deg that happened to be in between them.

Off to drool at John Cusack! See ya.

Books: The Basic Kafka
Boys: Kurtis, John Cusack
Songs: “She Bang” by William Hung (see below)

Bad things happen when computers don’t like me.

Yes, I fell off the face of the WWW for a while. Sorry. Things have been crazy at work, with our home computer, and in our scintillating social agenda. A wrap-up since last time:

Mon, Feb 16
— Approached at work to do a database project. Housesitting mode. Allergic to cat.

Tue, Feb 17
— Rock climbing at Vertical Adventures followed by Boston Pizza with Nicole and Jonny.

Wed, Feb 18
— Last day of housesitting. Said a tearful goodbye to Mel’s super-comfy bed. Didn’t look forward to returning to hard lumpy futon. Amused by the overabundance of Karen’s in the Hamilton household. Made banana bread for the notyet-in-laws and they didn’t die! Yippee.

Thu, Feb 19
— My Winbatch project works! It works! It works! It works! … oh crap I need to fix something.

Fri, Feb 20
— Everyone else but me knew that I had the go-ahead for the database project from Mon. Whoops. So got started on that. Kurt & I went for dinner at the Freehouse restaurant near our house. I swear the server was trying to get some from Kurt! Servers don’t gently rub your shoulder as they leave, do they? ….grrrr…..

Sat, Feb 21
— Festival du Voyageur with Nicole. We had tourtiere and ragout and played in the Fort (Gilbraltar). For you Vancouverites, it’s like Burnaby Village, only cooler and with pemmican.

Sun, Feb 22
— Crash and burn day at home.

Mon, Feb 23
— Finally got online at home! Retrieved 800+ emails…can you believe less than 20 were worth reading? Stayed up till 3:30am working on

Today (finally!)
— Boy was I tired this morning. Someone at work said, “…usually you’re all crazy and excited…”. Remembered that I had a blog and here I am, falling asleep as I churn this out for your reading pleasure.

So that’s it for tonight. I’m pooped! Hopefully I will come back tomorrow and finish that entry on Valentine’s day and rock climbing, like I promised a week ago (sorry).

Books: (went through a lot…) Melchior’s Fire (J. Chalker), Enchantment (O. Scott Card), HTML 4, Access 2000 Development, Educational Psychology
Boys: Kurtis, and Seth from the O.C. (he’s so dreamy!!)

Housesitting, steak, and climbing up the wall.

Last Saturday was one of the better Valentine’s days that I’ve had. Not that we did anything special, like we did on our first Valentine’s day together (romantic bed n’ breakfast getaway on Vancouver Island). We woke up in the morning and Kurt prepared some pancakes from scratch, as he usually does on the weekend. I on my Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles streak was busy shooting up some monsters, so I didn’t come out of the bedroom until breakfast was pronounced ready.

What I saw was a nicely made up breakfast table with heart-shaped pancakes on my plate. Awwwwwwww. It took me a few more moments to notice the shiny purple envelope propped up in the middle of the table. We had said that we were just having dinner to celebrate Valentine’s, and here was a romantic breakfast and a card. Kurtis is so sweet.

Written in the card was one of the most romantic letters I have gotten in my life. And all the other top-ranking ones have been from Kurt, too. Anyway, within minutes I was bawling my eyes out about how great Kurt is and how lucky I am to have him with me. I even had to put the card away during the remainder of breakfast or else I started to tear up again.

After breakfast and some more Final Fantasy fun, we and our massive accumulation of laundry got picked up by Kurt’s dad (Bob) and trucked over to their place in Tuxedo. I stayed at the house while Kurt drove Jared and the ‘rents to the airport. As I blogged about before, I had some interesting, sudden naps between then and 8:30pm. Our dinner reservation was at 9:15pm at this place called Fude. We both got dolled up for our Valentine’s date and set off in the -30 degree weather.

We had been to Fude a few weeks before and had really amazing NY steak (him) and Manitoba-fusion nasi-goreng (me). If you ever visit Winnipeg (it’s nice, really!) this is a must-eat-at restaurant. I got the Wine Sampler, where you get 3 2oz. glasses of wine to slosh around with dinner. Kurt was driving so only had a couple glasses of Cabernet-Sauvignon…though I did have to discourage him from getting the half-litre serving that he wanted (cough, lush).

Ahh…gotta drive home before our rock-climbing tonight…will write later tonight.

Book in my bag: Enchantment (Orson Scott Card)
Song in my head: Nothing, for a change
Boy in my heart: Kurtis

Cats make me sleepy.

I have been completely out of it this weekend. It started on Saturday afternoon when we started housesitting for Kurt’s parents in Tuxedo. The family cat, Zip, happens to love me…and I happen to be allergic. Not necessarily in the sneezy, stuffed-up way. More in the pass-out-from-being-near-her way.

For example, while reading my Le Guin book in the den, she would come mewling in and sit on my chest, purring for me to pet her. I indulged her for a little bit and then she started to rub her head against my cheek. She left after a while, and as soon as she did, I was out like a light! Same thing happened when I was in the basement watching some TV with Kurt. Before I knew it, I had taken a total of 6 naps over Saturday and Sunday. I am now pretty sure it was the cat, even though I didn’t sneeze or break out in hives (I originally thought it was the book, which was really boring but thin enough to spur me onwards till the end). We are housesitting until Wednesday evening so I will have to play hard to get with Zip until then. I don’t want to be in a zombie daze for the rest of the week too.

I will write more about Valentine’s Day in a bit.

Book in my bag: The Other Wind (Ursula Le Guin –this was the boring book) and Enchantment (Orson Scott Card)
Song in my head: Hey Ya (Outkast)
Boy in my heart: Kurtis Quiz Time!

Every once in a while, I am reminded of the existence of online quizzes. Emode and are the ones I usually enjoy partaking of. Here are some of the results of the “quizlets” I took:

Quiz 1: Are You Destined to be a Sports Widow?

Take this and other free quizlets on!

Actually, I think it would be fantastic to have orange and blue flowers on our wedding cake! Great idea,!

Quiz 2: What Fragrance Fits Your Fashion?

Take this and other free quizlets on!

Not surprising that my quiz results talk about my obsession with food. I’d probably wind up trying to eat my perfume. Maybe I should just stick to my eau-de-shampoo.

Quiz 3: Romance Movies Trivia

Take this and other free quizlets on!

I am a disappointed that they didn’t include a question on When Harry Met Sally. That is the uber-romantic movie of all time!

Quiz 4: Are you Leadership Material?

Take this and other free quizlets on!

I should have applied for The Apprentice. But I wouldn’t want a career of brownnosing with The Donald.


I took one more quiz called the Personality / Personal Attraction Test. It was amazingly accurate but long and detailed. I will post that another day. Good night.

Book in my bag: The Basic Kafka (I’ve halted my MCSE pursuit for now)
Song in my head: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Boy in my heart: Kurtis, and the cool-guy bus driver on the 8:00am #32 Riverbend

Feeling fragmented.

I felt gung-ho this afternoon and went to Osborne Village to buy baking & japanese-cooking supplies. I was all set to:

-bake banana bread
-prepare a batch of lumpia for freezing
-create a database for my personal budgeting
-work on the salsa website i’m volunteering to design
-fiddle with a nice blog template for Karl
-cook pasta for dinner
-work on my blog

Well, it’s 9pm and so far I’ve only done the last two. I can’t bake the bread until the butter has “softened” (maybe I can spur it on in the microwave?). Can’t make the lumpia until I finish preparing the vegetables, which I have taken a break from. It took 20 minutes just to julienne the carrots! Don’t know why I bother cooking… Had to stop the cooking projects to have pasta for dinner with Kurt. After, Corner Gas, What Not to Wear and American Idol came on, so I had to channel-jump. The little half-Asian 16yr-old (my pick) is in the top 12, yay!

Anyway, with all the cooking and mindless TV, I haven’t had the time to tackle the other projects. I think I am spreading myself out too thin. Or watching too much TV. Or working on my new blog too much.

What Not to Wear is making me want money. The episode tonight was about a woman that’s my size. She was complaining that she could never find clothes that fit (hear hear). Turns out I will have to go to New York with a $5000 Visa card to find $500 USD outfits before I can look the part of the sexy business professional. Maybe I’ll start a buy-Mama-some-new-clothes fund. I’ll work on your blog/site or make you lumpia, and you send me $5 bucks through Paypal. You can send more if you want. Sound good?

Man, I need to graduate! I am getting antsy about finding a decent paying job in Vancouver. I feel I’m doing lots here in Winnipeg but I only have a $10/hr job. It took getting used to, after getting +$16/hr for a CCRA internship. There just aren’t a lot of high-paying opportunities for someone that is (a) still 4 courses away from a BBA and (b) moving back to Vancouver in August. The plus side of working at Don’s Photo is that I’m given a lot of freedom (and access) around their networks and servers. And the book I’m reading is a loaner from them. There’s no way I can afford an MCSE book. Those things are worth more than my life! Really. No life insurance = not much for Kurt if I go tonight.

Do you think the butter has softened yet? Maybe the onions have chopped themselves. Sometimes I wish I could go to the kitchen and find that some elves/hobbits made dinner for us. I could settle for a dishwasher.

Guess I better try to finish my to-do list…see ya.

Book in my bag: MCSE — Upgrading to Windows 2000, still on page 19
Song in my head: The song that my girl in American Idol sang tonight
Boy in my heart: Kurtis, and Seth from the O.C. He’s so cute!

The joys of being a techie.

I didn’t feel like jumping off a cliff today. Instead I got home at 5:30 from a full day of networks, databases, and programming, only to spend 3 hours fiddling around on this site! I really should put other things as my priority…making dinner, cleaning up a bit, blinking, breathing.

I think I spent tonight’s creativity quota on this blog template. Bah. Maybe I’ll get inspired later on and write more. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Book in my bag: MCSE — Upgrading to Windows 2000, page 19
Song in my head: The Witchdoctor Song (Chipmunks version)…still! Damn you Lawrence!
Boy in my heart: Kurtis