memorable moments at the george michael concert.



S pondering George Michael’s entrance options: “Will he fly down from the ceiling, rise up from the floor, or condense from a mist?”

S on George Michael live and up close: “It’s like seeing a unicorn for the first time!”

L and K on the vibe inside the stadium:
L—”It feels like one giant gay dance club.”
K—”Haha…[looks around]…well, that’s actually pretty accurate.”

Catcalls to George Michael:
L—”I want to have your baby!!”
TC—”I want to you marry my daughter!!”

S during the intermission: “By the end of the night, I think he will have impregnated every woman in the room.”

N during the intermission: “He looks like he just had a fake-and-bake this morning, and it doesn’t look good.”

TC and K after the concert, to L:
TC—”How are you gonna tell T that you’re pregnant with George Michael’s baby?”
K—”You could pass it off as his…until it comes out and starts talking in a British accent.”


update about stuff that isn’t edible.

Time to dust the cobwebs from this blog and let you in on what’s been happening outside of the dinner table.

  • Kurt is now a fully fledged Chartered Accountant! His dad, also a CA, proudly introduced him to the assembly on graduation day.
  • Only 5 more weeks before my good friend Dave becomes a daddy. Better finish that blankie while I catch up on So You Think You Can Dance tonight.
  • Started volunteering in the salsa dancing community. Feels great to be an active participant instead of a fairweather social dancer.
  • Changed jobs: now a proper Project Manager at an e-learning services provider in Gastown. It’s a dream job: challenging work with a wonderful group of people, situated in a historic neighbourhood that is bursting with restaurants I’ve never tried. Bruce had a hand in this….thanks for the hook-up.
  • Finally caught my talented brother perform with his men’s chorale last month. He was fantastic. I kept on looking around and beaming…”yeah, that’s my little brother you’re watching”.
  • Happy birthday, Bruce! At least I didn’t call you out on Facebook.
  • T-minus 1 week before my sister-in-law visits us for 10 days. Really excited to have her with us and cannot wait to belt out some Faith album tunes with her at the George Michael concert in July!

atlanta week 1 digest.

Monday: Delayed flight, no on-board lunch, cab driver fiascos, bank card fiascos, Cheesecake Factory.

Tuesday: Work, philly cheesesteak heaven, supermarket yields St. Francis Merlot under $20, philly cheesesteak repeat heaven.

Wednesday: Work, shopping spree at Perimeter Mall, dining spree at Seasons 52.

Thursday: Work, Stone Mountain excursion for Mexican food.

Friday: Work, talking about the Wolf man, drinks at Ship & Anchor.

Saturday: Morningside Farmer’s Market, getting lost in Virginia Highlands, 3 different eateries at 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm. Thunderstorm kills evening plans; makes me regret not packing umbrella.

Sunday: Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, crappy overpriced food at Hard Rock Cafe, chasing after the #16, Two Urban Licks, muttering obscenities about MARTA.

new food blog:

I’m happy to announce the launch of my newest foodie project:

You might ask: why do you need a food blog when you already have this one?

I had been avoiding the need to maintain a separate blog for food for a long time. It was mostly due to laziness. But a lot of it was committment phobia: I have so many other hobbies that it seemed unfair to place my love of food over my other long-established passions like swing and salsa dancing.

Over the past few months, I noticed that the food-related articles had started to take over this blog. My brother and select friends routinely call me to ask where to eat around town. It also dawned on me that toting my giant SLR to various eateries had become second nature, and that our circle of friends have become so resigned to my frantic food photography that they already expect to starve a little while I set up the shots. When I won a local restaurant reviewing contest, and when Salt Tasting Room linked to my Flickr photo album from their home page, it was made clear that my obsession with food is more than just a passing fancy.

So here we are. The Tiny Bites website is the new home for all musings about food (and I’ll slowly transition some reviews / recipes from here to there). This blog will remain my spot on the net to rail against wallet thieves, shower you with techie tidbits, and display my bitterness at those damn Giants for beating my poor Patriots. Bookmark whichever suits your fancy.

Special thanks must go out to the following people for helping me with the Tiny Bites concept:

  • Matt of Abstract Gourmet, who told me to get off my ass and start a food blog already. He is also the mastermind behind the Tiny Bites domain name.
  • Bruce, for being the first official Tiny Bites lunching companion, and for sketching our brunch at Glowbal when my camera battery died.
  • Dixon, for being kind enough to take a metaphoto of my food photography to be used in the first Tiny Bites post.
  • Dave, for coming up with the idea of a two-toned text logo and providing a wealth of ideas for future posts.
  • Virg, graphic designer extraordinaire, for advising me on the look and feel of the site.
  • Kurt, husband extraordinaire, who has put up with my long hours at the computer while I built the site.

So yeah…hope you like the new food blog! If you are looking to try a spot around town and wouldn’t mind some company (that would sample your food and make you wait while I take a photo of it), drop me a line =)

How to get to from this site

PS: For your convenience, the Food link on the main menu now opens up to (new window).

food blog in the works.

You may have noticed a decline in Flickr food photography over the last few weeks. Let me assure you that my gastronomic adventures continue…but I’ll be writing about them and documenting visuals in a new location. For now, let me point you in the direction of the photos.

Kolachy Co.

Kolachy Co: logoKolachy Co: kolachys in the makingKolachy Co: prep kitchenKolachy Co: tray of turnoversKolachy Co: blueberry & lemon turnoverKolachy Co: menu and specialsKolachy Co: tomato, basil and dill soup

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

Alpha: tako-paccioAlpha: yuzu cocktailAlpha: coming right upAlpha: miso teriyaki beefAlpha: menu with mystiqueAlpha: goma-aeAlpha: alpha rollAlpha: 'the canon'Alpha: pumpkin croquetteAlpha: creamy seafood croquetteAlpha: ebi sunomonoAlpha: matcha ice cream with red beanAlpha: salmon carpaccioAlpha: cheese souffle

Memphis Blues

Memphis Blues: brisket sandwichMemphis Blues: digging into the Memphis feastMemphis Blues: all goneMemphis Blues: beer + meat = yumMemphis Blues: like a kid in a candy storeMemphis Blues: Memphis feastMemphis Blues: yummy sidesMemphis Blues: open kitchenMemphis Blues: peach crumbleMemphis Blues: jazzy ambianceMemphis Blues: the pig watches allMemphis Blues: menuMemphis Blues: daily special

So.Cial at Le Magasin

So.Cial: foiled ceilingsSo.Cial: branding is everywhereSo.Cial: pear and goat cheese omeletteSo.Cial: fish stewSo.Cial: artisian flatbreadsSo.Cial: side of greensSo.Cial: charcuterie platterSo.Cial: Pentage 2007 RoséSo.Cial: interiorSo.Cial: brunch menuSo.Cial: storefrontSo.Cial: apple tart tatin

Saigon Venture Restaurant

Saigon Venture Restaurant: spring rollsSaigon Venture Restaurant: phoSaigon Venture Restaurant: #1 - pho dac bietSaigon Venture Restaurant: #6 - tai nam gan sachSaigon Venture Restaurant: interiorSaigon Venture Restaurant: menu and tea


PHAT Deli: Canucks wall artPHAT Deli: avocado, tomato, and cream cheese bennyPHAT Deli: avocado, tomato, and cream cheese bennyPHAT Deli: colourful interiorPHAT Deli: breakfast available all dayPHAT Deli: cranberry lemonadePHAT Deli: mountain of smoked meatPHAT Deli: glass countersPHAT Deli: storefront

Bookmark the tiny bites Flickr account if you are primarily interested in the food photography. The horcubee account will still be around, but will serve this personal blog and will be mostly non-food. I will update you on the status of the food blog very very soon!

mealmax contest results.

chambar: la salade d'hiver announced the winners of the Your Vancouver Dine-Out Experience Contest yesterday, and joy of all joys, you helped me win the grand prize! A huge virtual hug and kiss goes out to everyone that voted for my Chambar and Rex reviews. Congratulations to fellow winners Lydia and Jason, whose reviews have convinced me to take a another look at Aurora Bistro and Rare.

Thanks also to MealMax for holding this contest during this year’s Dine Out Vancouver. It was a great way to encourage Vancouverites to dish the dirt about some of the city’s most hyped eateries. Looking forward to adding more places to our to-try list on the recommendation of fellow MealMax contributors.

Check out the winning reviews of Chambar, Aurora Bistro, and Rare Restaurant if you haven’t already.