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atlanta week 1 digest.

Monday: Delayed flight, no on-board lunch, cab driver fiascos, bank card fiascos, Cheesecake Factory. Tuesday: Work, philly cheesesteak heaven, supermarket yields St. Francis Merlot under $20, philly cheesesteak repeat heaven. Wednesday: Work, shopping spree at Perimeter Mall, dining spree at Seasons 52. Thursday: Work, Stone Mountain excursion for Mexican food. Friday: Work, talking about the […]

new food blog:

I’m happy to announce the launch of my newest foodie project: You might ask: why do you need a food blog when you already have this one? I had been avoiding the need to maintain a separate blog for food for a long time. It was mostly due to laziness. But a lot of […]

food blog in the works.

You may have noticed a decline in Flickr food photography over the last few weeks. Let me assure you that my gastronomic adventures continue…but I’ll be writing about them and documenting visuals in a new location. For now, let me point you in the direction of the photos. Kolachy Co. Alpha Global Sushi & Bar […]

mealmax contest results. announced the winners of the Your Vancouver Dine-Out Experience Contest yesterday, and joy of all joys, you helped me win the grand prize! A huge virtual hug and kiss goes out to everyone that voted for my Chambar and Rex reviews. Congratulations to fellow winners Lydia and Jason, whose reviews have convinced me to […]

vancouver wine casual: big reds.

Colin was kind enough to open his home to a merry band of friends and Vancouver Wine Casual folk this past weekend. The theme of this blind wine tasting was “Big Reds” — not my usual style, but as I’ve been warming up to Cabs and Bordeaux blends lately, it seemed a good time as […]

french toast hamilton.

French toast was one of the first breakfast items I learned to make, along with the very Asian insta-noodle soup with an egg dropped in. In our household, french toast is usually a simple affair: egg, cinnamon, brown sugar, and multigrain bread that is pan-fried and quickly devoured. But I’ve had my eye on two […]

adobong manok (chicken adobo).

Kurt and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day so much as February 15th (which we have dubbed “Love Day”). You will no doubt see and read about tonight’s dinner at Raincity Grill soon, so for now, here is the recipe for Kurt’s favourite Filipino dish, which I made for him last night. Adobong manok [ah-DOH-bohng […]

restaurant reviews on

If you’ve been wondering where the foodie posts have gone to lately, don’t despair. We have been diligently eating around town and taking many notes and photographs. I just haven’t been posting them to the blog. For now, the latest reviews are on start-up website The only active community is Metro Vancouver but it […]

vote for me, please.

Perhaps you’ve sat with me at lunch or dinner and tolerated my incessant food photography. You may at some point have donated a sampling of your meal or evaluated a dish so that it could be included in my blog review. Please do me one more favour, pretty please with a cherry on top… Go […]

soup season has arrived.

I am a huge soup nut. As such, even 40C weather doesn’t stop me from indulging in soupy delights. But there’s something about the chill and damp of your typical Vancouver autumn that makes soup particularly belly-warming at this time of year. My husband doesn’t feel quite so passionate about soup as I, so we […]