Great Swing video clips!

Came across this terrific website from the swing dancers in Melbourne, AU. First site I’ve seen with an abundance of free video snippets on Lindy, Balboa, Charleston and East Coast (AKA Jitterbug or Jive…what’s in a name anyway?). Check it out, they are the best I’ve seen on the web.

Swing Patrol’s Video Clips

My favourite clips (Windows Media Player…max out the volume!):
Promo clip of swing dancing
Frankie Mannie does the Shim Sham
“Traffic Jam” performance
A routine by Swing Patrol’s founders

I’m on a Swing high after going to UMswing’s workshop last night. The people are great, very friendly! And Danny from salsa dancing was there too so there were some familiar faces. I will have to get to know the layout of the UofM campus if I’m gonna be going there every week. Anyway, better get some dinner going so see you folks later!

Lindy Hop, finally!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow night! I’m going to the Empire with my salsa buddy, Hymie. He says we can play our own music if we come early enough, so I’m gonna break out the swing songs and try to get some people lindy hopping. He also wants me to teach him the lead’s steps…uh-oh! Should’ve paid more attention to what Tim was doing with his feet during lindy lessons…

If this is getting you curious about Lindy Hop, check out these links:

Learn about Lindy Hop
Article — Spotlight on Lindy Hop

Great Online demo on Lindy Steps!
Dance Corner’s Lindy Hop Steps
Ross’ Lindy Hop Steps
Dancetv’s Swing Tutorial

Books: Happenstance (Carol Shields)
Songs: Fever (Peggy Lee rendition), Sing Sing Sing (Benny Goodman) …anything you can lindy to!
Boys: Kurtis, Frankie Manning