memorable moments at the george michael concert.

Quotables S pondering George Michael’s entrance options: “Will he fly down from the ceiling, rise up from the floor, or condense from a mist?” S on George Michael live and up close: “It’s like seeing a unicorn for the first time!” L and K on the vibe inside the stadium: L—”It feels like one giant […]

hong kong travel diary: day 5.

Back in Hong Kong and ready for breakfast! Finally got up the nerve to try the little congee house across the street from my hotel. I was worried about the language barrier but something about me must have screamed tourist (the giant camera in hand, perhaps?). An English menu was plopped promptly down on my […]

Mi dulce niña (Los Kumbia Kings)

Elmer is becoming such the source of great latin music that I am struggling to keep up with all the translations…but I’m not complaining We both adore cumbia, which sadly is not danced very much in the salsa circles that I frequent in Vancouver. So here is Mi dulce niña by Los Kumbia Kings, the […]

karen, leanne, and cheryl at robson square.

DSC00374, originally uploaded by My cousin Leanne and her friend Cheryl were walking downtown post-Gay Pride Parade and heard strains of salsa music from below. Figuring I was already down there dancing it up, the two stood on a bench taking in the scene. We eventually found each other, as you can see Thanks […]

so you think you can dance: sara and neil’s disco.

Only 10 dancers remain and the choreography just keeps getting better. My favourite one from last week is, oddly enough, a disco routine. The styling for Sara was amazing; there are quite a few things I’d love to incorporate into salsa. So my darling leads, please take note of the dip at 2:06, the rejection […]

my favourite salsa song.

[Update: Found better lyrics matching the version of the song shown below. Si hablan espagnol, pueden ayudarme a corrigir las muchísimas faltas en mi traducción? Muchas gracias a todos!] Ven, devorame otra vez by Lalo Rodriguez has long been a favourite salsa song, as much for its lyricism as for its musicality.  Such passion and ardor!  […]

canada day weekend review.

This weekend has been action-packed…generally the way I like my long weekends! It started out with a less-than-stellar salsa night at Diavolo. Not many of the regular crew around. I think we were all saving our energy for Robson Square on Sunday. Got a massive bruise on my right foot from some jerk that managed […]

so you think you can dance, season 3: first impressions.

The only reality competition I watch is finally back with season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. I spent the last 2 hours catching up thanks to our trusty PVR. Initial thoughts: The dancers this season are much more impressive than last year’s bunch! I don’t think anyone necessarily deserved to go home […]

atlanta bachata observations.

[These are imported from a Facebook discussion I had with Raf]  I just came back from Atlanta and had the chance to go salsa dancing one Wednesday to the Tongue & Groove. I loved the bachata music: significantly faster than the stuff played locally. Salsa speed, sometimes. They played 2-3 songs in succession just past midnight and […]