Like greek mythology? Go see Metamorphoses.

My social calendar was busier than usual this past week.

We spent one of those evenings with Rebecca and Raul at the opening night of Metamorphoses, a locally produced play based on the Greek myths written long ago by Ovid. It was an interesting presentation of mythology as a thread of old and modern anecdotes of love (in all its manifestations).

Metamorphoses: Alycone & Ceyx

I had no expectations going into this experience; in fact, I hadn’t done any research into finding out what the play was about. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover that I’d be enjoying a performance about Greek myths, a subject that I was thoroughly enamored with as a child. (I’d done report after report on Greece and its culture for 2 years and still ache to visit the ruins of old.)

Highlights for me were the tales of Alycone & Ceyx, Myrrha, and Phaeton. The first two nearly moved me to tears: Alycone’s anguish and Myrrha’s despair were heartbreakingly acute.

Metamorphoses: Myrrha

The tale of Pantheon, on the other hand, made the most clever use of the 6-8 foot pool in the centre of the stage. It was a well executed modernization of Phaeton as surly pool kid raging against the aloofness of his father, the sun.

All in all, Kurt and I really enjoyed this play, and hope that you’ll have the chance to check it out too. Thanks to Rebecca B. for inviting us for a free screening, and Rebecca C. and Michelle for use of the photos above.

Want other perspectives on this night? Read Rebecca and Raul’s reviews as well.

July 31, 2008 – August 16, 2008
Pacific Theatre
1440 W 12th Ave | Vancouver
Tickets: or call 604-224-4534

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