memorable moments at the george michael concert.



S pondering George Michael’s entrance options: “Will he fly down from the ceiling, rise up from the floor, or condense from a mist?”

S on George Michael live and up close: “It’s like seeing a unicorn for the first time!”

L and K on the vibe inside the stadium:
L—”It feels like one giant gay dance club.”
K—”Haha…[looks around]…well, that’s actually pretty accurate.”

Catcalls to George Michael:
L—”I want to have your baby!!”
TC—”I want to you marry my daughter!!”

S during the intermission: “By the end of the night, I think he will have impregnated every woman in the room.”

N during the intermission: “He looks like he just had a fake-and-bake this morning, and it doesn’t look good.”

TC and K after the concert, to L:
TC—”How are you gonna tell T that you’re pregnant with George Michael’s baby?”
K—”You could pass it off as his…until it comes out and starts talking in a British accent.”


3 Replies to “memorable moments at the george michael concert.”

  1. SOOOOOOO jealous … great shot of the stage, looks like you got some great seats! Thanks for the snippets 😀

  2. Karen, I am going to the show in Montreal this week. I can’t wait.

    Was there an opening act? What time did George come on stage?

  3. Jay: wish you could have been there with us!

    Lynn: No opening act. It took 30-40 mins beyond the scheduled start time for George Michael to appear (not to mention the rest of the audience). We didn’t want to take any chances and were there right on the dot.

    Hope you have a great time at his Montreal concert!

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