update about stuff that isn’t edible.

Time to dust the cobwebs from this blog and let you in on what’s been happening outside of the dinner table.

  • Kurt is now a fully fledged Chartered Accountant! His dad, also a CA, proudly introduced him to the assembly on graduation day.
  • Only 5 more weeks before my good friend Dave becomes a daddy. Better finish that blankie while I catch up on So You Think You Can Dance tonight.
  • Started volunteering in the salsa dancing community. Feels great to be an active participant instead of a fairweather social dancer.
  • Changed jobs: now a proper Project Manager at an e-learning services provider in Gastown. It’s a dream job: challenging work with a wonderful group of people, situated in a historic neighbourhood that is bursting with restaurants I’ve never tried. Bruce had a hand in this….thanks for the hook-up.
  • Finally caught my talented brother perform with his men’s chorale last month. He was fantastic. I kept on looking around and beaming…”yeah, that’s my little brother you’re watching”.
  • Happy birthday, Bruce! At least I didn’t call you out on Facebook.
  • T-minus 1 week before my sister-in-law visits us for 10 days. Really excited to have her with us and cannot wait to belt out some Faith album tunes with her at the George Michael concert in July!

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