new food blog:

I’m happy to announce the launch of my newest foodie project:

You might ask: why do you need a food blog when you already have this one?

I had been avoiding the need to maintain a separate blog for food for a long time. It was mostly due to laziness. But a lot of it was committment phobia: I have so many other hobbies that it seemed unfair to place my love of food over my other long-established passions like swing and salsa dancing.

Over the past few months, I noticed that the food-related articles had started to take over this blog. My brother and select friends routinely call me to ask where to eat around town. It also dawned on me that toting my giant SLR to various eateries had become second nature, and that our circle of friends have become so resigned to my frantic food photography that they already expect to starve a little while I set up the shots. When I won a local restaurant reviewing contest, and when Salt Tasting Room linked to my Flickr photo album from their home page, it was made clear that my obsession with food is more than just a passing fancy.

So here we are. The Tiny Bites website is the new home for all musings about food (and I’ll slowly transition some reviews / recipes from here to there). This blog will remain my spot on the net to rail against wallet thieves, shower you with techie tidbits, and display my bitterness at those damn Giants for beating my poor Patriots. Bookmark whichever suits your fancy.

Special thanks must go out to the following people for helping me with the Tiny Bites concept:

  • Matt of Abstract Gourmet, who told me to get off my ass and start a food blog already. He is also the mastermind behind the Tiny Bites domain name.
  • Bruce, for being the first official Tiny Bites lunching companion, and for sketching our brunch at Glowbal when my camera battery died.
  • Dixon, for being kind enough to take a metaphoto of my food photography to be used in the first Tiny Bites post.
  • Dave, for coming up with the idea of a two-toned text logo and providing a wealth of ideas for future posts.
  • Virg, graphic designer extraordinaire, for advising me on the look and feel of the site.
  • Kurt, husband extraordinaire, who has put up with my long hours at the computer while I built the site.

So yeah…hope you like the new food blog! If you are looking to try a spot around town and wouldn’t mind some company (that would sample your food and make you wait while I take a photo of it), drop me a line =)

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PS: For your convenience, the Food link on the main menu now opens up to (new window).

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