food blog in the works.

You may have noticed a decline in Flickr food photography over the last few weeks. Let me assure you that my gastronomic adventures continue…but I’ll be writing about them and documenting visuals in a new location. For now, let me point you in the direction of the photos.

Kolachy Co.

Kolachy Co: logoKolachy Co: kolachys in the makingKolachy Co: prep kitchenKolachy Co: tray of turnoversKolachy Co: blueberry & lemon turnoverKolachy Co: menu and specialsKolachy Co: tomato, basil and dill soup

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

Alpha: tako-paccioAlpha: yuzu cocktailAlpha: coming right upAlpha: miso teriyaki beefAlpha: menu with mystiqueAlpha: goma-aeAlpha: alpha rollAlpha: 'the canon'Alpha: pumpkin croquetteAlpha: creamy seafood croquetteAlpha: ebi sunomonoAlpha: matcha ice cream with red beanAlpha: salmon carpaccioAlpha: cheese souffle

Memphis Blues

Memphis Blues: brisket sandwichMemphis Blues: digging into the Memphis feastMemphis Blues: all goneMemphis Blues: beer + meat = yumMemphis Blues: like a kid in a candy storeMemphis Blues: Memphis feastMemphis Blues: yummy sidesMemphis Blues: open kitchenMemphis Blues: peach crumbleMemphis Blues: jazzy ambianceMemphis Blues: the pig watches allMemphis Blues: menuMemphis Blues: daily special

So.Cial at Le Magasin

So.Cial: foiled ceilingsSo.Cial: branding is everywhereSo.Cial: pear and goat cheese omeletteSo.Cial: fish stewSo.Cial: artisian flatbreadsSo.Cial: side of greensSo.Cial: charcuterie platterSo.Cial: Pentage 2007 RoséSo.Cial: interiorSo.Cial: brunch menuSo.Cial: storefrontSo.Cial: apple tart tatin

Saigon Venture Restaurant

Saigon Venture Restaurant: spring rollsSaigon Venture Restaurant: phoSaigon Venture Restaurant: #1 - pho dac bietSaigon Venture Restaurant: #6 - tai nam gan sachSaigon Venture Restaurant: interiorSaigon Venture Restaurant: menu and tea


PHAT Deli: Canucks wall artPHAT Deli: avocado, tomato, and cream cheese bennyPHAT Deli: avocado, tomato, and cream cheese bennyPHAT Deli: colourful interiorPHAT Deli: breakfast available all dayPHAT Deli: cranberry lemonadePHAT Deli: mountain of smoked meatPHAT Deli: glass countersPHAT Deli: storefront

Bookmark the tiny bites Flickr account if you are primarily interested in the food photography. The horcubee account will still be around, but will serve this personal blog and will be mostly non-food. I will update you on the status of the food blog very very soon!

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