mealmax contest results.

chambar: la salade d'hiver announced the winners of the Your Vancouver Dine-Out Experience Contest yesterday, and joy of all joys, you helped me win the grand prize! A huge virtual hug and kiss goes out to everyone that voted for my Chambar and Rex reviews. Congratulations to fellow winners Lydia and Jason, whose reviews have convinced me to take a another look at Aurora Bistro and Rare.

Thanks also to MealMax for holding this contest during this year’s Dine Out Vancouver. It was a great way to encourage Vancouverites to dish the dirt about some of the city’s most hyped eateries. Looking forward to adding more places to our to-try list on the recommendation of fellow MealMax contributors.

Check out the winning reviews of Chambar, Aurora Bistro, and Rare Restaurant if you haven’t already.

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