vote for me, please.

Perhaps you’ve sat with me at lunch or dinner and tolerated my incessant food photography. You may at some point have donated a sampling of your meal or evaluated a dish so that it could be included in my blog review. Please do me one more favour, pretty please with a cherry on top…

Go to, look at the entries for the Your Vancouver Dine-Out Experience Contest, and vote for all of the restaurant reviews that you like. Hopefully (with batted lashes / shaking fist, whichever eggs you on better) those reviews are mine!

I’ve written one about Chambar so far but there will be more from me in the next few weeks.

Voting is between now and February 29th, with winners announced March 5th. Please stop by and help a girl out! (You can also submit reviews yourself if you want in on the $500 top prize.)

Thanks with many hugs and kisses!!

2 Replies to “vote for me, please.”

  1. Found your blog from mealmax.
    Great review with great photos! Hope see more reviews from you.
    Good Luck!

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