a gimli christmas.

Lake Winnipeg on December 12, 2007

Andy found this great webcam feed of Gimli a while back. Looks like we are going to have a really white Christmas!

Kurt and I have been visiting his family in Winnipeg now for the past 5 Christmases. This year is the first time we’ll be spending the holidays at their new cottage in Gimli, a hair’s breadth away from the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Jared tells me the lake is frozen over and ice fishing is a possibility (though I have to find myself an auger and another person in the family crazy / bored / willing enough to try it with me).

We’ll be in town Dec 21-30th, but in Gimli from the 24th on. Would love to catch up with you much-missed Winnipeggers the night of the 22nd…salsa anyone??

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  1. There’s no dancing on the 22nd… Empire is currently shut down due to the shootings/stabbings in recent months. I don’t know if the salsa scene has relocated anywhere.

    Give me a shout when you’re in town though.

  2. yippee, a non-facebook comment! my blog ego has been stroked!

    no one wanted to venture out to the Empire regardless, so the plans have changed to the King’s Head, 9pm and onwards, on the 22nd. can you make it, nathan?

  3. Pfft, I steadfastly refuse the join facebook.

    I think I’m dj’ing at the Legion (for swing dancing) that night, and that starts at 8pm. How about foodles beforehand?

  4. oooh, swing dancing, for real?! wish i could join in, it’s been ages…but am already looking forward to seeing melissa and hymie at king’s head.

    food is possible…maybe an early dinner? we get in the night before so i’ll ring you in the morning.

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