canada day weekend review.

This weekend has been action-packed…generally the way I like my long weekends! It started out with a less-than-stellar salsa night at Diavolo. Not many of the regular crew around. I think we were all saving our energy for Robson Square on Sunday. Got a massive bruise on my right foot from some jerk that managed to step on both my feet at once…not even an apology. It’s now swollen and purple and I think will last all week. God, I hate the lack of dance etiquette sometimes.

Thankfully, Edwin and Elmer dropped by near the end of the night and made up for the dance suckiness with a lot of drinking =) When Diavolo wrapped up, we continued the dancing and gin-and-tonicking at the Red Room and Shine (which has *awesome* music on Fridays–gotta go back again soon!). By 4am I was pretty smashed but happy that the night ended on a fun note.

On Saturday, I paid dearly for Friday night. Kurt and I nursed our various illnesses instead of seeing Rumba Calzada at the Roundhouse as planned. By dinnertime, the nausea passed so made my way over to Coquitlam to spend the evening with the family. As usual, the night was filled of endless food, lots of music jamming and several hours of karaoke with the aunties. Funny how much I enjoy these nights with the fam as an adult…we all used to think it was torture in high school.

Sunday was a first foray into tennis with Jay, a short glimpse of the Jazz Fest and the bike race in Yaletown, and a great day of reconnecting with Jamie while Kurt and Dave watched the U20 soccer matches at Swanguard. Jamie and I took in the first Sunday Afternoon Salsa of the summer at Robson Square, followed by a very satisfying meal at Alpha (restaurant review updated here) with her and Kurt. The sake was flowing so we didn’t make it to Canada Place to see the fireworks up close. We did manage to take in a bit of it from our balcony, so I guess that was our Canada Day celebration!

One minor disruption was the breaking of my cell phone on the way back from tennis–not cool. My number is forwarded to Kurt’s cell for now. If you get the chance, please email, IM, or FB me with your number.

Coming up: Transformers movie, Ratatouille, and Lucas and Karen’s wedding in Oakville. Can’t wait!!!

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