so you think you can dance, season 3: first impressions.

The only reality competition I watch is finally back with season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. I spent the last 2 hours catching up thanks to our trusty PVR. Initial thoughts:

  • The dancers this season are much more impressive than last year’s bunch! I don’t think anyone necessarily deserved to go home in the first round.
  • Top 3 fave performances this week: 1) Danny and Anya’s jive; 2) Lacey and Kameron’s contemporary; 3) Jesus and Sara’s routine
  • Yeah, yeah, Wade Robson’s choreography is really unique…but it gets less impressive the more routines I see. They all look the same, after a while. Mia Michaels is my favourite.
  • I’m constantly disappointed by the poor choreography of every salsa performance I’ve seen on the show thus far. Salsa seems to be lumped with the stiffer latin/ballroom style instead of with tango or street dances. I’ve seen better spontaneous routines from social dancers around the Vancouver scene!
  • Very happy to see lindy hoppers featured during the auditions and Vegas trials. Unfortunately, with the pseudo-period costumes and campy music, the pair made lindy seem rather quaint and didn’t showcase how liquid and freeing the movements can be.
  • I was sad to see Ricky leave the show so early. I thought he had an amazing solo and did show his range, whereas Domenic was saved by personality alone.
  • Benji is awesome and all, but did he really need to drop his pants?!

What do you think of the season so far?

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  1. After watching various clips, I was disappointed with the swing dance couples. Not so much in their dancing, but with the editing around them that seemed to focus more on their relationships and non-existent romances rather than their dancing. Meh.

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